Our honey

Our honey is raw.  That means it’s never heated, and other than removing bits of honey comb wax, completely unfiltered.  We’re very proud of that.

Heating honey may keep it clear and “pretty” on the store shelves, but it also destroys all of the important antioxidants and enzymes that honey is known for.  On top of that, many people find that heated honey looses much of its natural flavor and aroma.

Excessive filtering to remove pollen from honey also robs you of one of the most miraculous foods in the world.  Bee pollen contains all the nutrients required by the human body.  It’s also rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, beneficial fatty acids and has anti-viral properties as well.

Try our honey.  It’s fresh, and it’s natural.  Contact us at info@lonetreehoney.com or (701) 491-8734 and experience the difference for yourself.

Half Pint………. $5.00 Pint………………. $10.00 Quart……………… $15.00

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Contact Information

Lone Tree Honey

Email: info@lonetreehoney.com

Phone: (701) 491-8734


Honey Pick Up Locations:

  • If you’re in the Fargo/Moorhead area, our homes are pickup areas.

If you’d like to place an order, please use the contact form to the right. We’ll contact you within 24 hours after you order the honey to confirm your order and make pick-up arrangements.

Sorry, but we’re all out of honey for the season.

Sorry if we missed you. Not to worry though. We’ll be back next year!

About Us

bee-on-clover.jpgWe here at Lone Tree love our bees, and we raise them naturally. Unlike the big commercial outfits, we never treat them with chemicals or use any sort of pest or mite control that isn’t available in nature. Our bees are given space, our hives are uncrowded, and the bees are left alone to take care of themselves as Nature intended. All in all, this makes for healthier colonies that then reward us with the richest tasting honey you’ll find in the area.  Give us a call or email us and see for yourself!